Billy Cart History

Billy Carts date back to the late 19th century and were originally made to be pulled by a ‘billy’ goat.

In Australia they are known as billy carts because that is how they originated, but in North America they are known as soap boxes after the wooden boxes that were the primary construction material.

The term billy carts / soap box racers can cover a wide range of carts. From simple wooden carts with rope and foot steering to high speed, highly engineered gravity racers.

At one end of the spectrum there are the highly engineered gravity racers built to the highest standard by companies such as Bentley and Aston Martin. At the other end of the spectrum are the weird and wacky vehicles that take part in the Red Bull soap box races.

Our event is focused on carts that can be made by the average person yet still provide a level of safety to the competitor. We love the sorts of carts that are made for the Dampier Billy Cart Derby, fun but a lot safer than the old fashioned wooden carts of yesteryear. Have a look at some of the images from the Dampier Billy Cart Derby.

These may give you some may give you inspiration but there are also lots to be found on Pinterest when you search for Billy Carts?

The Race !

This race will involve around 150 competitors separated into various classes generally based on the combined weight of cart plus competitor(s):

  • Little Devils Class (single competitor) max 66.66 Kg
  • Class A (single competitor) max 100 Kg  Class A+ (tandem) max 120 Kg
  • Class B (single competitor) max 120 Kg  Class B + (tandem) max 140 Kg
  • Class C ( single competitor) max 160 Kg Class C+ (tandem) max 180 Kg
  • Corporate Class – Unlimited – This will be the crème de la crème of businesses competing against each other.
  • Class I (For invitation of mildly non complying and carts of significant interest) – Invitation Class has been introduced for invited non-complying carts that can be demonstrated to have competed in other similar Australian Cart events.

As long as your cart meets the build technical requirements you can use your imagination as to the design.

There will be prizes not just for the first 3 places in each class but also for the wackiest design. This event is intended to be safe, fair and above all FUN!

We encourage races against similar groups (e.g. an inter schools challenge) and we can accommodate that with our results process.

It will provide ample opportunity to practice on the course 7 – 9 AM and then racing will start at 9 AM.

Cart drop off and scrutineering will commence at 6 AM and the cut off time will be 8.30 AM.

We aim to give each competitor at least 3 races but more if time permits. The key to this will be making sure that you are ready to race on time and that you assist with clearing the course at the end of your race. Unfortunately there will be no time for swooning admirers on the race course as we need to move you off the course to enable the next class to proceed. All the celebration will be at the end of all racing and the announcement of aggregated results.

There will be a break for lunch and there may be intermittent breaks to allow passage of buses or residents.

Racing will finish no later than 4 PM.

The winners will be determined on aggregate times and not separated into heats. The organisers will try to separate the competitors so that they are grouped into similar capabilities.

See the Race format and the Rules and Regulations

The competitors will all start in groups of 5 or 6 from an elevated starting ramp and the course will be approximately 800 meters down a moderate slope.

A course plan shows the course and other important information.

Course Overview

The competitors will all start in groups of 5 or 6 from an elevated starting ramp and the course will be approximately 800 metres down a moderate slope.

A course plan shows the course and other important information.

Become a Competitor

Make no mistake this is going to be a very popular event and entries will be strictly on a “first in best dressed basis”.

Entry can only be confirmed once we have received entry fees. We will then stop taking bookings when we have confirmed 40 entries in each class and you will then have to go onto a waiting list to see if a place becomes available. Unfortunately there will not be any refunds after the booking has been made and confirmed.

All bookings close on 14th October.

If you are interested in taking part in this fun event then please complete this entry form.